Conference Concept

One key question faced by Europe is trust. Trust in others, trust of European citizens in public authorities, trust between employers and employees, trust in a shared common European future. These issues are culminating in recent sensitive debates on migrations, radicalisation, growth and austerity and on geopolitical changes.

“Trust” remains a keyword in current public and academic debates: topics such as migration, radicalisation and social cohesion, growth and austerity, the recent geopolitical changes, they all point to the importance of perceiving, preserving and enhancing trust. Trust is believed to promote creativity, to facilitate conflict management, to empower in times of transition and change.

How is trust achieved? How can cultures of trust be developed? What role does or could research play in this context?

What can co-creation achieve? Do processes of co-creation contribute to the advancement of trust?
Does this allow society to trust in science, research and innovation? Do these processes engender trust through collaborative and innovation processes, shared experiences, and shared values? Are trust and trustworthiness really the “glue” that holds societies together? Is it the principle that underpins all relationships? Is it the decisive component that allows societies to strive, business to flourish and personal interaction to be meaningful?


The notions of trust and trustworthiness are multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary, cutting across all areas of research. Especially Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) research has a pervasive influence on trust in societies and reduces the gap between institutions and citizens - through better understanding, analysis and practical solutions - in order to build a more trustful European society.


The two-days conference “Trust: European Research Co-Creating Resilient Societies” offers a unique forum to discuss the different perceptions of trust and how research can contribute to fostering trust in societies. The conference is this year’s key event on SC 6 “Europe in a Changing World – Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies” in the EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme Horizon 2020. The conference will not only highlight research within the social sciences and humanities but also connect researchers with policy-makers and stakeholders willing to co-create resilient European societies.


Policy-makers, representatives from civil society organisations, non-governmental organisations and renowned academics will discuss and propose solutions on:

1. Europe in a changing world - Perspectives on 2050

2. Research matching society - From visions to actions

3. Let’s work together – From ideas to innovations in Horizon 2020
– Presentation of the SC6 2016/17 Work Programme


The first session “Europe in a changing world - Perspectives on 2050” will focus on trust concepts and definitions with a forward-looking perspective on Europe in a changing world environment.

The second session “Research matching society - From visions to actions” will demonstrate how research can have a direct impact on economics, politics and society.

During the third session “Let’s work together – From ideas to innovations in Horizon 2020”, the Commission will present the Horizon 2020 SC6 Work Programme for 2016-2017 (to be published mid-October 2015). Policy makers, SSH researchers and stakeholders will have the opportunity to get firsthand information from the Commission on the first calls for proposals and to network with researchers and stakeholders in a structured environment.