Andrea Ricci

Andrea Ricci is Vice President of ISIS - Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems, an independent research and consultancy partnership based in Rome, Italy.
He received his engineering degree from Ecole Centrale (Paris, France) in 1977 and joined ISIS in 1982 after 5 years with the French think tank GAPSET, where he worked as analyst in the field of corporate and public innovation strategies. Over his years with ISIS, Andrea has led major EU research efforts and forward looking studies in the fields of Sustainability Policy analysis and impact assessment, technology assessment and scenario building.  
Andrea has coordinated many EU RTD projects in the fields of foresight energy, transport, environment, including PASHMINA (on paradigm shifts) and FLASGHIP (Forward Looking Analysis of Grand Societal Challenges and Innovative Policies) and has repeatedly served as advisor and evaluator of research projects for the European Commission, also contributing to the ex post evaluation of several EU RTD Programmes (International Cooperation, Environment, Bioeconomy).
He recently served as the overall Rapporteur of the EC Working Group “Global Europe 2030 – 2050”, devising and building worldwide scenarios at 2050. Andrea is trilingual (Italian, English, French).